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Bonolo (bonol_af)

ISBN: 9781920262617
Description Soft Cover. Bonolo was a beautiful and lovable girl, but an untruthful friend influenced her to start drinking alcohol and using drugs. She was also introduced to a young man who tricked her into sleeping with him, and having unsafe sex. Bonolo left her home after her mother rebuked her, and she slept with many boy friends. After some time, she became ill, and was diagnosed as being infected with HIV. She also went to a traditional doctor and a faith healer, but eventually died from HIV-AIDS. The lesson of this story is to choose good conduct and truthful friends. (This story has been retold within the cultural context of each particular language.)
Publication date: 2008
Publisher: Qualibooks Publishing
Series: Pasella
Author: Boitumelo Kgatle
Cover: Soft